16 Best Free Content Distribution Platforms for Your Brand


With this information in hand, you may determine you need to re-examine your SEO strategy to find more ways to rank higher and bring that organic traffic your way. Also, take a look at what promotions drive more visitors to your website.

Track this KPI easily through Google Analytics or other available online tools.

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Keeping track of essential marketing agency KPIs today can show you how you are performing and where you can make improvements. Not only will this help to grow your client base, but it can also improve your ongoing profitability.

While you may be apprehensive

Like any type of marketing agency, there are a wide array of considerations that you need to keep in mind as you begin getting established as a business, gathering capital, settling legal and financial matters, and figuring out exactly what direction you want to take your brand. 

If you are wondering what some of the steps phone lists are when asking yourself how to build an SEO agency, you’ve come to the right place. 

We can help you with our list of ten things you need to know as you build your SEO agency and start on your career of delivering SEO services to the clients who will help you succeed in your goals.

1. Choose a Niche as an SEO Company

2. Define Your Services as an SEO Agency

3. Market Your SEO Agency

4. Learn How to Close Deals

5. Uphold Business Continuity and Operations

6. Build Strong Relationships with Clients

7. Understand that You Need to Do the Work

8. Maintain Accountability

9. Hire the Right People

10. Continually Update and Improve

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This gives you the opportunity to specialize

Finding a niche also allows you to stand out from your competitors. With so much competition and thousands of different SEO companies, it’s important that you know how to avoid getting lost in the crowd. 

Think about what your personal interests are and what experience you have that might help you when you pick a specific area to make your niche.

2. Define Your Services as an SEO Agency

The next step you’ll need to take is figuring Hong Kong Lead  out what exact services you want to offer to your clients and customers. 

SEO is a term that covers an extensive number of services. 

You might offer SEO as part of a content marketing package, do technical SEO for new websites, or complete SEO audits for companies. 

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