20 Basic Phrases in Japanese for Traveling

If you are traveling to Japan for the first time, you may be concerned about the “language barrier” , that inexplicable inability to communicate with others due to speaking a different language. Should you stress if you don’t speak Japanese? Absolutely!

If you have imagined yourself lost in Japan, unable to even ask how to get to the airport, leave those fears behind and relax. Thousands of travelers enter the country every day, many knowing very little Japanese and others knowing nothing at all. To the land of the rising sun even if you don’t know a word of Japanese.

While some key phrases can be very useful we assure you that you can travel

Japanese schools teach English from an early age, so Phone Number List even if they are not fluent in English, most of the people you will meet will speak some English . Also, in areas frequented by tourists some signs are written in English.

However, if you wanted to learn some keywords to travel you have come to the right place. The following words and phrases are common in everyday life and will help you get around, order at restaurants, and greet people you meet. Konnichiwa.

The word for “hello” in Japanese is in everyday use and is widespread around the world, so we’re not surprised if you already knew it. If you want to say “hello”, we will use the term kon-nichiwa.

The easiest way to say thank you in Japanese is Arigatou  If you are in a formal situation

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We extend our thanks to Arigatou gozaimasu. Most people Hong Kong lead bow while saying thank you in order to add emphasis to their words of gratitude.

And to say you’re welcome , it’s a bit more complex but not too much: Dō itashimashite .

Japanese culture is characterized by humility, caring for others and courtesy. Therefore, when saying “please” they have two expressions : Kudasai and Onegai  Onegashimasu. In general, in terms of meaning, we could say that both terms are the same , with the peculiarity that onegaishimasu sounds a bit more formal . However, when someone makes a request.

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