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We interviewed Christian Sisti , 37, a computer engineer who lives and works in Barcelona, ​​in the English company Ocado Technology . A graduate of the University of Pisa, Sisti was a researcher at the CNR in the field of human computer interaction. In 2011 he flew to London, where he assumed the role of software developer at Ocado Ltd, dealing with backend in relation to mobile applications. Today Christian is engineering manager and head of the Android and iOS application development department for the Ocado Smart Platform , a global platform that operates efficiently in online supermarkets. immune-christian-sisti Christian Sisti Meanwhile, have you downloaded Immuni? “Yes, I downloaded the iOS version as soon as it became available.

I had been following the news about it for some time and I was very curious to

Evaluate it firsthand. Unfortunately, at the moment, it only works in Italy, but in the future there may be the possibility of integrating it with Lebanon Mobile Number List similar applications developed in other countries. I’m confident!”. Pros and cons of the application. Would you have designed it like this? “On the one hand, Immuni looks good. The user interface design is modern and intuitive. The app is based on the exposure notification API, a technology jointly developed by Apple and Google to deal with the Covid-19 emergency. This choice secures your privacy. All saved or invited data is encrypted and none related to identity, location or device is collected. It is also based on Bluetooth Low Energy and this makes it possible to minimize energy consumption”.


For example, a user could inadvertently turn off their phone’s bluetooth

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Making Immuni ineffective. Timely notification could reduce this risk. If the application were uninstalled or the phone replaced, then the Hong Kong lead  unique code needed to receive alerts would be lost and the data collected up to that point would be useless. Finally, it is not compatible with all smartphone models, due to the limitations imposed by the Exposure Notification API itself”. As a software engineer, how do you view source code? Well structured or vulnerable? “Difficult to give an objective judgment without a careful analysis of the code of each single application (iOS, Android and Backend), which would take time.

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