Advent calendars, an opportunity to make yourself known?

Who said that the Christmas atmosphere is magical only for boys and girls? Tradition has it that the tree is celebrated on December 8, but in recent years more and more often the Holidays begin as early as December 1, the day in which the first box of the advent calendar can be opened.

If once the maximum that could be aspired was a chocolate a day until Christmas Eve, today that of advent calendars has become a phenomenon that involves – and gratifies – even adults. Striking is the case of Tiffany , the well-known US jeweler, offers a calendar costing no less than $122,000 which contains 20 products from their collections, from pendants to keyrings.

The fashion of the advent calendar has also found fertile ground on the web. In fact, in addition to the products to buy, there are several brands and influencers who have created their own personal path to waiting for Christmas . Some people take advantage of the opportunity to sell more, others to make themselves known and, why not, share good feelings. Let’s find out some examples of the most interesting 2019 advent calendars 100% online!

The advent calendar as a marketing strategy?


For those who sell online , the link between an effective communication strategy and business success is very close, therefore organizing the editorial plan in a synergistic way and taking advantage of the cue given by the advent calendar can make the difference. Who thought of it? Let’s see a couple of examples!

Honey, panettone and pasta: the Cortilia advent calendar

A box to open every day under which you are hiding a surprise discount.

The discounts vary Senegal Mobile Number List  between 10% and 20% and concern single products or all the shopping (at least up to now), and are applied to foods that are frequently purchased such as pasta or panettone. After all, that’s the season!

Advice and gifts from the Cynical Beautician
A slightly different approach is that of the advent calendar of Veralab, the skincare brand of the Cynic Esthetician . Here too, every day there is a little box to open and a surprise to discover: among the gifts we find promos, but also tips for the beauty routine and popular content ready to download even without making any purchases. Everything changes every day and the curiosity to access the site every 24 hours is strong.

Kindness and joy: advent calendars to share the little things

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There is another type of advent calendars Hong Kong lead  made entirely on the web that is growing every year. It’s that


The #goodkarmaadvent by @silviathabia
Also on Instagram travel the messages of the #goodkarmaadven t, invented by @silviathabia, of Studio Bianco in Milan.

A special case is Consumismi di Natale , the Il Post newsletter dedicated to Christmas gifts.

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