Although the crisis seems to suggest a drop

An analysis of the information we have available about the social audience, the visitors to our site and, in general, customers always helps us to understand whether what we are communicating reaches the target or not. Know what the actual conversion rate is between views and bookings . Or how loyal the clientele is, or even if our audience is too local or too distant from us. All of this information is essential. It’s the right time to develop a social media monitoring strategy and observe even more carefully what the conversations and priorities of customers who chat about us online are. Often, especially for smaller companies, it is difficult to keep up with the reports. But in this delicate phase, starting from here, from the few certainties that are available to us, is certainly an obligatory and effective step .

Site blog, newsletter new channels for a more effective storytelling An updated

Strategy can also mean a change in the channels used to communicate tourism .  in investment in promotion, keeping the goal focused  Philippines Mobile Number List and not slackening attention is a passepartout for a restart. It’s also worth rethinking the channels we use. Is the website outdated and does not allow you to book? It may be the right time to think about a restyling and update. Twitter worked well a few years ago, but is now left to itself.

Better to close it and consider whether to move to Instagram or to Pinterest

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Did the newsletter have a higher opening rate during the quarantine period, when we were all at home? Maybe it’s worth keeping a more familiar  Hong Kong lead tone of voice and a more intimate story in the future as well. Naturally, these are just a few examples, useful for stimulating some questions. Let’s not forget how much the wine tourism movement has grown in recent years and, in general, how much Italians love to discover the food and wine history of the places they visit. Listening to the needs of these potential customers directly on social networks can help to understand which aspects to invest in. Look to the future with serenity Finally, let’s remember two other keywords.

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