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Influencer marketing  go small, go local is it already the time of the end for influencer marketing . This is the question that, as observer, we ask ourselves. When reading the interesting study of mobile. Marketer based on influencerdb data. In a nutshell, it emerges that, in the last four year , the average engagement rate of a sponsored post on instagram has halved, going from 4% to 2.4% . An unequivocal signal according to the us magazine. That the trend is marked and the influencer marketing bubble has now begun to deflate.


In Italy  however the sunset of this phenomenon

Which still creates so much confusion in the consumer, but offers many opportunities for brands, seems USA Phone Number List  far away. It is, in fact, still a fundamental asset for reaching a very active and selected public.  talent for our product or service! Influencer marketing, is it true that an ADV disturbs? Influencer marketing is, in Italy, still the phenomenon of the moment, between sponsorships of all kinds and long discussions on the use of the hashtag ADV .

The debate also made very animated by Instagram’s

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Decision to obscure the number of likes , is very heated. There are many well-known faces on the tiny screen who claim the correctness of their work, who specify when to use ADV, a partnership  Hong Kong lead  advertised with, suppliedby or giftedby, affliated, but also who ask followers, without filters.  A bit of bad advertising does? Talking about simple advertising is an understatement. Especially from the creators’ point of view – as it is increasingly common for influencers to define themselves by . Focusing on the heart of their work. In fact, the most active communities are fed daily by advice, ideas and free content. Consequently, buying what is sponsored or through an affiliated link is increasingly. Seen as a way of supporting and “financing” the entire increasingly editorial-like production of the creator. Influencer marketing: the value of communities Community, we said.

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