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The latter will therefore be even more sensitive to the type of proposals they see on social media, perceived as more genuine. The micro-influencer can often become the best channel to truly talk to the public and, therefore, the best investment. Be careful, however, to think that those who have few followers necessarily cost little. As we have seen, the benefits could be significant, so let’s not be fooled by the numbers we all see and reflect on the impact that a campaign could have. We could discover very interesting data. It is therefore early to say that influencers no longer influence .

Rather  it’s time to think, within companies, about

Who to invest beyond inflated numbers, vanity metrics and fake influencers. Learning to identify who is truly  Austria Phone Numbers List capable of communicating with their community and enhancing the direct relationship of trust that can still be created thanks to social networks, fortunately.Tourism communication on social networks. From promotion to caring Traveling, together with reading and listening, is the shortest way to get to yourself. Thanks to the pandemic, local marketing experts who use social networks have learned this.


If before the health emergency, communicators limited

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Themselves to promoting tourist locations, enhancing their beauty. Today they above all take care of the emotional Hong Kong lead  sphere of customers, through caring and call-to-action. Strategies that enhance the contents published by users and generate a sense of community. Around destinations. Federica alessandri is well aware of this . Having dedicated her degree thesis in languages. Which she has just completed at the cattolica in milan. “Social media and tourist destinations in the covid-19 era” is the title of the research that the student carried out on lake como to understand how communication strategies have changed during and after the lockdown. And since all the municipalities in this part of the lombard province.

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