Digitazon has digitized, streamlined and simplified this

It allowed us to understand what were the needs and problems that even a giant in the FMCG sector can encounter in the management of marketing activities. On top of that, he gave us method and broad vision.” Digitazon freelance site; digital; freelancers; freelancing; digital creatives; Typing Digitazon homepage Now let’s talk about Digitazon . How did the idea for this project come about? “The idea stems from a strong passion for the world of creativity and an interest in digital tools at the service of businesses . To these aspects was added a reflection on the Italian context . On the one hand, it is the European country with the highest number of digital freelancers , on the other, companies need to boost themselves precisely in this respect.

Aware of this context, therefore, we have set ourselves

The goal of accelerating the digital transformation of the world of work in a practical and effective way , making it Denmark Cell Phone Number List easier for the various players to interact. In short, we wanted to simplify contacts and give the new generations the opportunity to live a life full of opportunities and satisfactions. Let’s say, therefore, that we “joined the dots” a bit, after which Digitazon , in itself, was born in a very natural way. We know that there are many companies that struggle to go or stay digital, because they don’t have the necessary skills to do so internally.

Then, we know that for the new generations

phone number list

I’m talking above all about Generation Y and Z , opening a VAT number has almost become a preferential choice, if you Hong Kong lead  work in the digital world. Finally, although we are talking about “digital”, the collaboration between company and freelance , today, typically takes place offline (95%, according to our surveys). When we talk about collaboration we mean: research, the first contact, the meeting, the negotiation, the payment.  process, allowing anyone to search, find and collaborate with freelancers and creatives.

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