Growth Hackers In the words of Sean Ellis

But all united by the fact that their field of work is the web, they have to do with software, networks and mobile applications, with data and analytics , with communication, with artificial intelligence and connectivity. Although they are digital, we must not make the mistake of seeing these figures detached from the physical context.  So let’s go and discover the digital professions of the future.

Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialist

A sector in constant ferment is certainly that of marketing. Within which more and more digital professions Hong Kong Phone Numbers List are required.Ranging from more creative fields to other more technical and strategic ones. The father who gave birth to this figure. “Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation on product and marketing channels to find the most effective ways to grow a business”. It is a figure who has skills not only in marketing at 360 degrees. But also in programming and service design. Ecommerce specialist more and more people are buying online.So a growing sector is certainly that of e-commerce and online sales platforms such as facebook shops and instagram shopping.

Therefore the figure of the E-commerce Specialist

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With increasingly transversal skills is becoming more and more in demand. From the identification of market  Hong Kong lead trends to the organization of campaigns. To data analysis, from knowledge of crm to those of marketing automation. Digital professions. Digital marketing; ecommerce; digitization; professional roles ux/ui designer with a view to increasing the customer experience . Which is increasingly strategic, and to make the user experience an increasingly engaging experience. Figures such as the ux and ui designer are increasingly fundamental. Experts in user experience. They study user behavior in order to design and build interfaces that give you a positive and pleasant experience while browsing.

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