Having fun and more with Instagram filters. Interview with Giacomo Lucarini

Fun, creative, but also useful for making yourself known. Instagram filters are the game of the moment for the most curious content creators, but the potential of this tool that has become available to everyone a few months ago is enormous. It’s a short step from your PC to Hollywood stars. We asked Giacomo Lucarini , Content Creator, digital marketing expert, as well as creator of an interesting Telegram channel , why (and also how to do it) .

The new frontier of creativity
It seems like yesterday that selfie filters were limited to being a simple tool to take funny photos or improve flaws and feel more beautiful. First the success of the Instagram Stories to the detriment of Snapchat (loved also, and above all, for the creativity of the filters!), then the possibility also for “normal” users to create their own filter, and the social network was populated with effects of all kinds also developed by big brands or TV programs.

The turning point took place in August 2019 when Facebook made the Spark AR


Studio program available to all users, which allows you to independently develop a filter which, once approved by the platform, is available to all users.

Before that moment, there were only very few users recognized by Facebook who could experiment and create filters. Among the Italians, the first was Piotar Boa whom we had the pleasure of interviewing a few days ago ( here the complete video ).

But as soon as the doors were opened to everyone, many began to try their hand at the same practice.

“From there I got the idea of ​​creating my own filter too, Giacomo Lucarini tells us , and playing with everyday life and the needs of freelancers, the idea was born of betting everything on coffee ”. He was the first to use it, of course, in his stories, but his community was immediately enthusiastic about it.

Why create a filter for Instagram: the interview with Giacomo Lucarini



“I saw that there was so much demand, and I wondered why not do a tutorial.

Is it really that easy to create a filter and use Spark AR Studio?

“Not exactly.

I immediately thought of the incredible potential for those who sell earrings or hats: by developing the filter with your own products you can Uganda Mobile Number List allow users and followers to “try” how they are and, perhaps, go on to buy! In fact, there are make-up brands that already do it (staying in Italy, two examples are Espressoh or WeMakeUp, ed). It’s a brilliant tool to create engagement”.

Speaking of engagement, products and brands, we can only address the topic from a marketing point of view. Nice to have fun with the “2020 predictions”, but is creating a filter for Instagram also useful for something?

“The possibility of creating something that spreads like wildfire is enormous.

However, it is not easy to find an idea for a filter that is consistent with your brand identity…

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“You have to be creative, without necessarily putting your logo or name in the foreground.  You can let users “try” your product, but also develop filters with a photograph as a background.

In fact, remember that in each filter Hong Kong lead  the clickable name of the creator remains at the top – below the username.


Now it’s still a fairly large territory that offers many possibilities, but let’s remember that creativity makes the difference. Without forgetting that knowing how to move in the world of digital marketing gives you an edge”.

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