Having the pulse of the situation, reading what

From stop service communications, for example, to reassurances about keeping products in stock or for sale online, perhaps we will be able to invent new techniques to communicate the usual in a distinctly unusual way or perhaps to sanctify it definitively. Creativity and flexibility to communicate during the health crisis A greater effort of creativity and flexibility is required in this particular historical phase. Probably many have already found themselves writing multiple versions of the same press release or event description or rethinking partially or completely the conduct of a social activity. Drawing up a list of “cushion ” topics and topics, a sort of evergreen content that can be spent on various occasions, proves to be particularly useful.

Being able to create your own plan B is certainly an excellent strategy

But what these months have taught us is that, sometimes, there is no plan B that holds. To avoid being completely Costa Rica Mobile Number List  unprepared and living constantly with anxiety about what will happen, trying to build your own solid, alternative and valid communication plan in any case is an option. How? Fare branding Mindfulness teaches: “Make the mundane sacred” . This can mean learning to value the characteristics of what is constantly under your eyes, for example dissecting an already known product, listing its qualities, exalting the company know-how. When the situation hangs in the balance, there’s only one thing that can work: focusing on ourselves . This is the right time to do branding, focusing on the company’s values, the quality of the products, the solutions we offer with our service, the people who built the brand and how it has evolved over time.

This is the right time to do branding, focusing on the company’s values

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The quality of the products. The solutions we offer with our service. The people who built the brand and how it has evolved over time. Naturally, this type of content must be. Rethought on the basis Hong Kong lead  of the historical moment. We are experiencing, the difficulties it entails. Calibrating values, objectives and stories on the line that the company and the brand are following. Newsjacking and positivity if there’s another thing that the lockdown. Has certainly taught us. It’s that viral and. Spontaneous initiatives flock every day and everywhere. Do you remember the leitmotiv. Of the balcony songs.  Is happening in the area, is an activity that we cannot neglect, together with intelligent newsjacking . Taking the most interesting or viral news on the web and reusing them. Commenting on them or creating a themed creative post. Is an operation that helps bring new targets closer to the brand. As well as showing its dynamism and freshness.

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