Many gyms and instructors have “digitized” themselves – as has

During these months, the Ministry of Health itself has encouraged people to continue moving even within the home. An advice even addressed to the over 65s, potentially more exposed to the risks of a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, moving around is essential for health, and for this very reason exercising followed by an expert, albeit at a distance, is a precious resource. also happened with other sectors – by offering courses in Zoom videoconference or by sending training videos directly on WhatsApp. But at the same time the following (and the offer) of fitness influencers.

Who were already known for their ability to be in their own way

Disseminators of the movement has also grown. Among the most followed fitness influencers we find many sportsmen. Such as the body Ivory Coast Mobile Number List  builder giovanni fois. The cyclist letizia paternoster. The skier federica brignone. The gymnast sophia campana, and so on. But even more interesting is the panorama of trainers, especially women. So to speak “Normal.” who don’t simply show their. Workouts, but offer some of them precisely for their. Own audience and build a direct and disintermediated relationship. With the community. And it is precisely them that we want to talk about. Offering you a list of six fitness. Influencers to follow (or study) capable of disseminating knowledge .

With competence and simplicity directly on Instagram

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Fitness influencers, 6 profiles to follow on Instagram With her 175,000 followers on Instagram, the most followed and famous is certainly  Hong Kong lead  Silvia Fasciano in “art” Silvia Fascians . Milanese, passionate about fitness and healthy eating. For her, sport is health, taking care of yourself and feeling good. Compagni is, on the other hand, known on the Internet as postura.da.paura and also founded the BodyCube3 gym in Milan. Over 91,000 followers on Instagram, during the quarantine she started offering increasingly popular live workouts every morning and thought of making it a new service offered to followers and beyond.

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