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The influencerdb data illustrate how the engagement rate is equal to 8.8% for those who settle between 5 and 10 thousand followers. Instead, it drops to 6.3% in those with around 5,000. Some examples in italy . Sarag, about 11,300 followers and an er, according to njlitics, which settles around 5.33%. Or dariohead , just over 30,000 followers . Who dedicated stories to shed light on the “Behind the scenes” of the creator’s work. Micro influencers: local roots in this case, even the central roots in the territory can make the difference. In fact, demonstrating that you know an area well or providing good.

Advice is a key to concrete success for influencers

A social engagement that sometimes also translates into real involvement. Every territory has its little stars, an  example above all is Chiara Marchi, or missclaire2012 , specialized Australia Mobile Number List in the Central European area and who (also due to the lockdown) has dedicated herself with great passion to the story of her Region: Friuli Venezia Julia . On paper, its 15,700 followers may seem small, but its customers assure that it is capable of generating thousands of contacts, visits and purchases. Why focus on micro influencers? In a media context in which everything is undergoing transformation, for brands – large and small .


A reflection on influencer marketing and on

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Whether or not it should be included in the communication strategy is a must. Social media monitoring The ideal Hong Kong lead  is to start from an analysis – social media monitoring , in technical terms – of how one talks about one’s reality on social networks, perhaps it will be discovered that some micro influencers are already customers. Micro o macro influencer . We might think that choosing a macro influencer could be the best solution to reach the widest possible audience and, consequently, let everyone know who we are. But those involved in communication know well that “everyone” does not work as a target. like us, with whom we share values, who would really use what we propose.

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