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Born to rediscover friendships and loves from the past, social networks are today a more than valid tool for any type of company. On the other hand, what we all do on a daily basis is very different from the annual catalog of subscribers initially imagined by Zuckerberg: we comment and share news, we learn about things that are important for our work or passions, we make purchases or sign up for training courses, we find work. On Facebook – but also on Instagram or LinkedIn – companies talk about themselves, do storytelling , communicate their services and show their staff at work.

They don’t think so at AR Blue Clean, which spreads advice on cleanliness,

All content that serves to build a corporate image , to transmit its values ​​and philosophy, to define the Switzerland Phone Numbers List company’s tone of voice, to strengthen or revive its brand. Do you want sectoral case histories? Realities that use digital tools effectively exist and perform brilliantly every day. Here are some examples that we have selected from this diverse world, each interesting for specific reasons. Te Connetivity A colorful and breezy instagram account, full of photos, graphs and keywords ready for an explanation.  world shines for effectiveness and engagement rate. AetnaGroup A fine example of made in Italy communication but with an eye to the whole world.

The social communication of this global giant of the industrial

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More than 10,500 followers on linkedin. This shrinkwrapper and wrapping machine company has an Hong Kong lead  updated blog. A youtube channel full of videos and is not present on facebook. Clearly, by his choice. Ar blueclean. Who said that the world of industrial cleaning is boring. Safety and even has a masked superhero to entertain online audiences. Umbragroup leader in the precision mechanics sector. Umbragroup communicates in english and italian. Showing the fascinating side of aerospace technology. Automation and much more.  Is the mission of this large company with over 100,000 instagram followers.Very engaging short videos, with clear and powerful messages for sensitive topics such as nuclear medicine. In short, can we ask for more.  Digital is on the table. Catering is renewed to overcome the crisis

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