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It therefore saves obvious time that you could use for other strategic tasks and/or devote yourself to your core business. FREE GUIDE Prediction and anticipation of Return On Investment for natural referencing (SEO) Download nowThe guarantee of results, in accordance with the rules of SEO for the optimization of your site Your website is launched, it’s a good start, but having a website today does not stop there. To be visible to your prospects, you must make it exist on search engines like Google. It is at this very moment that SEO comes into play. And it cannot be improvised. A lot of knowledge is needed on SEO rules.

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Techniques and rules are evolving. In short, remember that alone or internally, the risk is to miss a change in the Google algorithm. This can jeopardize your visibility and all the work you have done so far. By entrusting this task to professionals, you are guaranteed that your SEO will be optimal in the long term. Also, be aware that an SEO agency knows Google’s selection Google to avoid being penalized by Google in the event of non-compliance with its analysis criteria. What are the benefits for your business? A definite added value in saving time and money So yes, commissioning an SEO expert agency is an investment.

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Added to the use of expert tools that you do not have is obviously a valuable time saver. In addition to this, you benefit from precise and complete reports thanks to professional and personalized tools. Saving tools, a significant gain each month To return to the subject of tools, going through an agency, therefore, allows you to save money. Indeed, you avoid investing in tools for monitoring and managing a natural referencing strategy. Indeed, in the implementation of actions aimed at optimizing your SEO.

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