The brand of personal hygiene products, owned by Unilever

Know the terms and conditions facebook has set up terms and conditions for both personal profiles and pages. These can change at any time, without the user being informed. It is the entrepreneur’s duty to periodically. Check that the material published. Or rather shared. Always complies with the terms and regulations. Promotions and contests facebook allows you to organize contests and prize games on your page. Even through some applications. Contrary to what happened in the past. It is no longer mandatory to have facebook’s consent to carry out these activities.But there are conditions to be respected. People cannot be forced to like on the. Wall to participate in a contest or join a promotion. Furthermore. It is always.Advisable to disclose a regulation .Specifying that facebook is not involved in the initiative. Dove’s “real beauty should be shared” campaign , launched on facebook in 2014, is an example of a successful contest .

Was able to involve the consumer, inviting him to upload a photo on


Facebook that portrayed him with a friend. She wondered why her loved one represented true beauty. The game has turned into a reflection Czech Republic Mobile Number List on authentic beauty, the natural one, which Dove has been trying to enhance for over a decade now. These two instruments, apparently similar, are very different from each other. The profile represents a sort of personal diary, where the user talks about his life and tells his friends. The page, or fanpage , has the purpose of promoting, developing a brand and bringing consumers closer together.

On the website, therefore, you must always share the link of the company page (and only that!)

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If an entrepreneur, regardless of the regulation, uses the profile to promote, Facebook has the right to transform the profile into a fan page. Neting’s  Hong Kong lead directions So far, the legislation. Now let’s see what the Neting experts suggest to anyone who wants to gain ease on Facebook. Being social . If an entrepreneur decides to make his business known through a social network, he must become social himself. Facebook is a platform born to connect with other people, not with robots. Therefore, availability for human relationships, use of correct language . In short, the entrepreneur must consider his fanpage as an integral part of customer service.  But used to communicate professionalism. Sharing quality content . The contents must be varied.

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