The censors of the Internet were immediately

The photo showed the girls enjoying two slices of pizza, while two untouched pizzas appeared on the table at the same time. unleashed, but Chiara had answered everyone with a smile: “Ferragni sisters love pizza (and our pizzas never end)”. Chiara and Valentina Ferragni, storm for the photo of the pizza | Women Magazine Those who want to become an influencer, therefore, need a beastly physique to withstand the shocks that the profession entails. But you also need brains and hearts. And Ferragni, even here, can teach. His social commitment, on the occasion of the Coronavirus emergency and beyond, is now known and recognized by all. Beauty makes life better, but a life worth living needs action.

Communication plan to deal with the second wave of the emergency

Learning to communicate in a period of constant uncertainty is essential for brands and companies . A few days from Chile Mobile Number List the DPCMs , we face our worries, we fear a second lockdown , brought forward in some cities by curfews and restrictions. The fear that triggers the virus looms over our daily lives. Having exceeded the quota of ten thousand daily cases has terribly cooled the moods of the Italians and the intentions of the Government.

A new squeeze on consumption and activity seems to be orbiting

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Around us and there are those who are already preparing for the next forced isolation. Simple pessimism Hong Kong lead  crude realism or pure defeatism, however we want to define this attitude. The truth is that the situation still appears very confused and ill-defined. The uncertainty that Covid-19 has unleashed invests companies and is reflected on social networks. What to do, then, to better enjoy this period. How can a brand respond in a balanced way to the needs of the consumer in a changing and unstable moment. An ad hoc editorial plan. The extreme difficulty that digital operators are experiencing – from social media managers and digital specialists.

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