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This will allow you to master the opinion of users and potential customers with foresight and adjust the business strategy and content accordingly. It also works for freelancers and small personal businesses, and anyone who benefits from access to audience demographic information. Account creator: the ad hoc profile for influencers? Finally, let’s move on to the last of the types of Instagram profiles we have available: creator . Launched in June 2019 , initially, it seemed like a simple overlap with the Business, but it is not. Of course, the functions available are the same. However, it is a type of account that was created for single people who have built a small business on their professionalism or ability to influence the community.

At first they were simply called influencers  now they are increasingly

Referred to as content creators . A very popular account on Instagram does not correspond to a Facebook page. In this case, in fact, it is Paraguay Mobile Number List possible to connect the profile to your personal account. More news seems to be on the way. The idea is that Instagram, by separating the Creators from the Brands, intends to enhance some functions such as the ability to report advertisements and to get to know your target better. We’ll see. We keep you updated! Tourism: starting over from communication during the emergency The only certainty is full uncertainty.

This is what operators in the tourism sector in Italy (and beyond) have at their

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Disposal to imagine the future and the ever closer summer season. Confturismo has estimated that, in the months of March, April and May Hong Kong lead  of 2020 alone, the sector suffered losses of up to 7.4 billion euros . It is a crisis that involves everyone, as EU Commission spokeswoman Sonya Gospodinova explained: “The global tourism sector will lose between 275 and 400 billion euros.

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