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That’s why, once tried, few want to do without it. Image size guide for social media 2021 The success of content on social networks, as confirmed by the social media monitoring services offered by L’Eco della Stampa , depends more and more on their ability to generate a strong visual impact . It’s nothing new. We talked about it for a long time, reflecting on the aesthetics of Instagram , but the success of TikTok and the preferred formats for advertising also confirm this . From the point of view of those involved in the creation of content, therefore, it is essential to take care of every detail .

Without ever forgetting the fact that the use of videos graphics and carousels

Takes place, for the most part, from mobile devices . For this reason, the dimensions of the images on social media Belize Mobile Number List adapt year after year, to respond promptly to the evolution of social networks themselves, but also of the devices we use. Here’s our 2021 updated social media image size guide , with some tips to best fit your goals! All the information for content curators Why it’s important to pay attention to the size of images for social media is obvious.  of posts depend on the visual impact they generate.

In a post with an image or graphic we can tell part of our business

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Present a new product, make an appointment . But if, for example, we misplace text in the post, this could be Hong Kong lead  ineffective. Or, if we want to highlight a detail and opt for a horizontal photo, the protagonist of the image will be so small as to be invisible. For years we have been used to thinking about the use of visual content horizontally, from photography to cinema and television. Smartphones have literally revolutionized this aspect, making vertical vision prevail . It is true that directors and photographers will continue to work in the format they prefer, but those who specifically deal with content curation for Facebook, Instagram or TikTok have already begun to change their mindset and think vertically.

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