The fanpage is a free marketing space that must be exploited to the fullest

Posting the same ones over and over again can bore customers, causing them to unfollow the page. Be visible . To generate traffic on the page, it is necessary to give it visibility through corporate communication tools, for example by inserting a link to the fan page on the website or in advertisements. A link to the fanpage is also useful in the newsletter and on your own blog. Connect . The entrepreneur must comment, at least three times a week, on posts from other pages. His contribution must be sincere and interesting, in order to arouse curiosity and induce consumers to follow him. An example of this is Renzo Rosso , founder of the Diesel clothing company .

Nicknamed the “genius of jeans”, Renzo is very active on social media


Especially on Instagram, where he shares photos of him around the world with more than 170,000 followers. Renzo Rosso Write a Dominican Republic Mobile Number List  memorable description . . It is advisable not to report the official description of the company, but to adopt an informal style that contains, in brief, the necessary information. The entrepreneur must imagine addressing a friend to whom he wants to describe his business, emphasizing what makes it different from that of competing companies. Get real likes, not bought ones . Contrary to popular belief, the number of fans is not of paramount importance. Rather, the interaction that fans have with the page counts.


Having 100 fans, 75 of whom interact, is preferable to having 10,000 fans and only 100 actively

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Participating. The entrepreneur must not have the anxiety of likes and absolutely must not evaluate the idea of ​​buying them. Facebook deletes Hong Kong lead  fake profiles, the entrepreneur would lose credibility and money unnecessarily. Use paid advertising . It is safe, effective, customizable. Facebook Ads allows you to show ads on products or services to people who by age, geographical location, interests may fall within the target audience. Getting to Know Your Audience . Facebook said fewer than 16 percent of fans will see page updates. Based on an algorithm, each post is assigned a value that will make it appear on the fans’ homepages. The purpose of Facebook is to give space to content more in line with users’ tastes. Have actionable goals .

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