The medium range of restaurants will still suffer

A significant insight that emerges from the research concerns the perception of safety: the half of the interviewees feel less exposed to the risk of contagion in restaurants, where social distancing is respected, rather than visiting family and friends. Reopening within reach of smartphones Again according to TheFork, out of a sample of 13,000 Italians, over half (59%) appreciate the possibility of reserving outdoor tables , while 50% of users are attentive to online communication of the prevention measures implemented. The presence of the digital menu also affects the choice of restaurant , important for 39% of the interviewees. Just as the reviews dedicated to the anti-Covid regulations (30%) prove to be useful. The possibility of paying from apps without contact with the waiter is now a must (22%).

In my opinion, the pandemic has accelerated an already existing evolution, the 100% online restaurant The digital entrepreneur Paolo Paiola is the founder of , an Albania Phone Numbers List entirely virtual venue, which offers home delivery lunches in the city of Verona . “It is – explains Paiola – an online restaurant with vertical management: from purchase to processing, up to the delivery of the product, we rely on external players. This guarantees a high quality of service. In this period, we are riding the wave given by Covid-19, which has inevitably changed traditional food. a severe crisis, while the high end will always remain in vogue because it gives both emotional involvement and an important culinary experience”.

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Today lunchmio.It satisfies the b2c channel. People who occasionally choose the service to have a healthy and  Hong Kong lead appetizing lunch break. “We are planning – continues paiola – to also enter the b2b sector . Working with companies, many of which, in the last twelve months, have eliminated the canteen to avoid fixed costs and avoid management difficulties, in favor of delivery”. Paolo paiola, founder of lunchmio.It digital-native companies resist the pandemic. Even the latest survey by the. Qonto observatory –– confirms that the catering sector is ready to bet on digital. 37 % of companies in the food world declare that they have introduced new. It tools into their business. But 70% of them expect greater investment in this field by 2021 .

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