The only certainty is an expansion of the smartworking

To sentiment analysts and press offices – is precisely. Having to act in a changing context, the implications of. Which are not even remotely predictable. It is not possible to imagine the economic return of this period of emergency . As well as the next moves regarding commercial activities. Online and offline. Those of public and private offices.  Shirts , which is being encouraged to avoid the spread of infections. How to resist. Having a pinch of intuition , an aptitude for foresight . A reasonable dose of empathy is essential for those who communicate.

It is necessary to understand what is the right time to announce news

To launch new products or services; it is necessary to adequately interpret the mood of the followers of a fanpage and Colombia Mobile Number List imagine how the next newsletter will be received . It is a delicate science that cannot always be taught. Without shared rules, but on which one can work to find the right key to effective communication . Listening, reading comments on social networks, paying attention to sharing and carefully analyzing how users talk about our company is very important.

Stimulating UGC can be another useful strategy to better interpret the needs of

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Your audience. User-generated content about the company – as well as helping fill any gaps in the editorial plan – eliminates the creativity block and the big drama of “What am I posting today”. – Allow you to understand what people are really looking for in the brand and what they care about.  Blogs and reference newspapers of your target audience. As well as keeping an eye on any influencers in the sector . Are ways to learn to speak the same language as the target. Create editorial plans B and C In a period of great instability like the one we are experiencing, it is probable that we will not be able to follow our communication plans perfectly and we will have to re-plan contents and topics .

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