The personal profile is therefore suitable for those

With the community and propose literary content? Are you a medium-sized company that produces garden furniture and is about to launch its e-commerce? Each situation, activity and objective may require the use of one or more different channels. In all three examples we have given, Instagram may be the right channel for communicating, but it is not certain that in all three cases it is necessary to switch to a company account. So let’s see what the possibilities and characteristics of the profile types are and in which cases they are more suitable.

Public or private personnel This is the basic function of Instagram

The features are very simple. You can publish photos and videos , follow other accounts, be followed in turn. In the presentation it is allowed Pakistan Mobile Number List to add a link to the outside and connect. The publication of a photo to other social networks, such as facebook. Twitter and tumblr. You can exchange comments and private messages. But the benefits end there. Who use instagram as a tool to occasionally tell what is happening , share photographs. With friends and, in short, make non-professional use of it.

It can be public  when all users can see the photographs, perhaps useful for those

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Who like to participate in challenges or join some communities, or private when it allows only “authorized” accounts to see Hong Kong lead  the contents. Sometimes having a private account is equivalent to having an “exclusive” one . There are, in fact, some influencers who, after having achieved popularity, have “closed” their profile. In this way, those who want to see the contents are, in a certain sense, forced to follow, increasing numbers and curiosity. This is a targeted marketing strategy that doesn’t work for everyone, but there are several cases, even in Italy, that are testing it. Instagram profiles Business or corporate account For over six years, the only type of Instagram profile you could use was your personal one.

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