The singer continued to tease the public

The answer came from the singer-songwriter,Today there are already workshops and lessons on the tourism product, through tourism organizations and specific tour operators; very often the expert travel agent knows the world and the structures he sells well. In our opinion, the sore point sometimes concerns marketing , web presence , sales techniques . We have to start again from here too!”. What if Europe guaranteed a quota of vaccines for tour operators? This is the proposal that Travel Quotidiano , one of the most authoritative information bodies in the sector, has brought to the attention of institutions, associations and players in the tourism market. The journalist Maria Carniglia illustrates it to us .

Maria Carniglia Guerrilla marketing strategies in the music world If today

“Travel can only restart if it guarantees people maximum health safety. In order for all sectors of tourism to take off, returning  Azerbaijan Mobile Number List to pre-pandemic figures, the EMA – European . Medicines Agency – needs to give a certain number of vaccines to each nation and that the EUcheck their correct use within the tourism system”. In this way, according to Travel Quotidiano. We will innovate the concept of travel.

The answer came from the singer-songwriter

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Gazzelle-mania” was triggered , thanks to the guerrilla marketing experiment carried out by the well-known Hong Kong lead roman singer-songwriter. To launch his latest album. Titled “ok”. The 30-year-old artist has seen. Fit to disseminate vinyl copies of the work. Around the lombard capital. Enclosed in traditional. Fire boxes, which bear the imperative we know. ” The facility to take the record. Home and listen to it in preview. Guerrilla marketing the album “Ok” by gazzelle on the navigli in milan mission accomplished. Gazelles. On instagram. Asking what was happening in milan.

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