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Shift Higher Education Masterclass for a targeted path designed for those who are always ready to get involved and never stop training. Interesting blogs and profiles There are many people who deal with the subject of writing and copywriting, we have selected some people who have worked in this world for a long time and are always a source of inspiration and advice.  The good readings of a copywriter should have on his wish list. Style exercises in which Raymond. Rodari who played a lot with words.

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Word or Minutes written 12 exercises of thought and writing cannot be missing . Consider David Foster Spain Phone Numbers List Wallace’s Lobster . Technique for Producing Ideas by James Webb Young; Creativity. The Perfect Crime by Philippe Petit. And now it’s your turn to create your own path to becoming a copywriter… whose best quality is always curiosity. In the variegated world of communication, everyone has the perfect recipe for their company or brand .

The reasons are truly varied and subjective

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Is superfluous and those who only timidly enter the digital world. Just think of the many b2b brands and all those.  Unfortunately, many are convinced that in specialized fields aimed at the  Hong Kong lead  business world and/or that for companies that offer services. Communicating externally is almost useless. In the manufacturing sector , which represents around 50% of Italian SMEs, only 15% invest in communication and marketing (2019 data). A very low and quite shocking number. Perhaps slightly increasing after the pandemic. Never thought was more wrong, and now we will explain why, strategically and with various examples of success.  beliefs. First of all, that of the difficulty of the subject: many think that their subject is too complex or too specialized to find potential interested parties on the internet.

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