These are environments that change continuously

The problem is that, if that preference for the one-way street and if the entire digital .Environment in which we move is built in a one-way street, like a city with a single ring road. Where we are forced to always pass through the same point and to start again.It is clear that the debate is heavily penalized. On facebook, in essence, anyone. Who wants to oppose a piece of content is forced to share it and comment on it and.In general. To push up their engagement . Their involvement. There is no equal and opposite. Symmetrical tool with which to express one’s dissent .With great simplicity and speed. My last book has become, we can say, also a political book”.

Like Design There has always been a need for brands to know the opinion of the consumer

What is the probability that a like corresponds to a purchase. “The probability that a like corresponds to a purchase is very low. Platforms are Namibia Mobile Number List not so much interested in the so-called conversion as being able to sell a very well profiled target to brands; on the other hand, it is enough to set up any promotional campaign on Facebook or on other social networks, to realize the granularity that can be reached with the data in their possession.

More than making every like a purchase, it’s interesting to make every like a fan, an

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Extra piece of awareness, brand awareness and user profiling to which something similar can be submitted in the future”. What is your Hong Kong lead  relationship with social networks? Is there one you use the most and if so, why? “My relationship with social networks is very strong. I live on it and grew up on it, even with older platforms, like Myspace , early forms of chat from the nineties, or even those built into platforms like Napster . Obviously, working in communication and writing about these topics, for me the presence on social networks is almost obligatory. with the integration of numerous functions, gamification , novelties, various characteristics, for which they must be frequented to orient themselves.

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