We need to go back to February 2020 to record the

Sell themselves” as far as they are attractive, without the need for advertising, we want to analyze the choices of Lake Como (tourist agency) and North Lake Como (Alto Lario communication) so that they are useful to everyone. Federica Alessandri The beginning of the pandemic  diffusion, through traditional and digital media, of the first . news on the spread of the Coronavirus in Italy. Operators immediately notice a drop in arrivals in the setting of Lake Como, equal to 8.4% compared to February 2019. Communicators understand that it would make no sense to continue publishing promotional content on social networks and stop to evaluate what to do .


From mid-February to early March, the first change


Travelers are invited, especially through posts on facebook, not to cancel reservations, promising them that Brazil Mobile Number List compliance with the new rules will not compromise their experience. But will only make it safer than usual. In this phase, the communication of the territory place  the accent on traveling in safety . On professionalism and on the high quality of services. Today we no longer work from a promotion perspective . But also and above all from a caring perspective to be close to users and offer them an opportunity to escape. Emblematic is a post published on march 6, to announce women’s day.

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Lake como. How tourist communication. Communication strategies. Tourist destinations lake como are facebook il  Hong Kong lead  lockdown. The situation becomes difficult in march. With the officialization of the lockdown. And here lake como and north lake como demonstrate great professionalism. The concepts contained in the messages spread through social networks change radically. To add lake como to the list of destinations to reach after the lockdown.

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