We need to do things big and well  because by making

Certainly between the pre-quarantine and quarantine. Period there was a large increase in the use of tools to make video conferences. And allow smart working. Platforms such as zoom, skype. Whereby and many others allow you to have meetings. With anyone while staying at home. Despite this. Still today many think it is better to take a train in the morning to get to rome and back to milan. We’ve been used to it like this and it takes time to change . The rest has only been accelerated and. Implemented. The trend of e-commerce, videos on youtube. Interaction on social networks has been accelerated . But I don’t think people’s needs have changed”.

How important is online presence in this context of health emergency

“In this moment of health emergency, communication is the most important thing. It is the only means that connects consumer, company and Sri Lanka Mobile Number List supplier and it is the only basis on which one must have no doubts regarding the investment.  A good digital marketing plan it’s easier to reach the whole world. So, even in times of Coronavirus maybe there are possibilities, as in any period of change”. Are there any contents, strategies or behaviors that should be avoided in this particular historical moment? “Right now we need to avoid looting by leveraging people’s fear. Even if masks are sold, there is no need to say that “if you want to save your life you need masks.”

You can simply communicate that “for your greater safety, a mask is necessary”

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It is here that communication can teach something in a context that is probably international, which has forgotten how to pay attention to society Hong Kong lead  in a slightly different way”. Is the reopening of commercial activities a period that must also be exploited through an online presence? “It’s true, but we don’t know if there will be a second peak, if consumer habits will change and to what extent. You don’t need to bask on the reopening thinking you’re calmer, rather you need to focus on how to change your business model and reinvent yourself . We need to make an effort to change, create the service.

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