What consumers want today A consumer who is satisfied

But we remember 80% of the experiences we live. This is why the Customer Experience is essential in every Marketing and Digital Marketing strategy . What is Customer Experience . The Customer Experience is the overall experience that the consumer lives during the relationship. with the company and the brand . Consumer and company and brand come into contact in different moments and contexts, from the physical one – the shops – to the digital one. And customer experience deals with how all these interactions are perceived. The more the experience is simple, intuitive and satisfying, the more a relationship of trust will be established. But why is it essential that the experience be so immersive.

Because everything revolves around experience

The simplest answer is that the product and service, although they are the basis of the relationship, are no longer enough Japan Phone Number List  on their own. Today for the consumer everything that happens before . During and after the purchase is important, and the way in which he experiences these moments is decisive for the success of a company. According to a survey conducted by KPMG , for 90% of consumers the most important parameter for evaluating the customer experience is resolution. And still 90% of consumers are willing to pay more for brands that adopt ethical behavior.

In support of the importance of the Customer Experience comes

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The data of another research, conducted by idc . Loyal customers on average buy 5 times more and tell an average Hong Kong lead  of 9 people about their positive shopping experience. On the other hand. They share a negative shopping experience with 16 people on average . Customer experience. Consumatore online brand; marketing loyal customers become brand. Ambassadors with his interaction with a company therefore. Tends not only to repeat the experience. But becomes a brand ambassador with relatives and friends.

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