What is your view on the food delivery sector

Our goal is to spread the concept of eating in a healthy and balanced way . We want to be a valid resource for those who. During their lunch break. Are forced to always go to the sandwich maker. For those who stay late in the evening and end up ordering the usual burgers or pizza. In short. We want to provide our customers. With the convenience. Of having healthy dishes available when they want and where they want”.  “it’s a sector in continuous growth and evolution. You need to know. How to innovate constantly to keep up.

Years ago a service like ours would not even have been imaginable like many others that


Have an excellent response in Italy, not only in our sector. However, it seems to me that there is a departure, also due to economic Norway Mobile Number List reasons, from the Norway Mobile Number List classic model of food delivery, that of the bellboy who goes to the  restaurant and then delivers, so to speak. Fortunately, today we can move towards more scalable and easier to manage solutions”. During the health emergency, Italians have rediscovered food delivery: how have you experienced this period? “It was a very intense period for several reasons. There has been an e-commerce boom due to the closure of physical stores, so many people have discovered online shopping: in particular, the world of online supermarkets has been flooded with orders.

We are a service halfway between online shopping and food delivery

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There was a peak of interest in the first few days, followed by a slight stabilizing drop, as people certainly had more time to cook during Hong Kong lead  the quarantine… and even less economic availability”. What type of communication did you adopt during the lockdown? “We are very active on social media and during the lockdown we intensified our online presence by also launching a campaign called #ioRistoacasa: for every order placed, we donated €1 to the Sacco hospital in Milan. We have clearly focused on the need to stay at home and the difficulty of shopping outside. Furthermore, we have chosen to carry out a television campaign on Sky channels , thinking that at this moment it would have yielded more due to self-isolation”.

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