What will be the most requested digital professions

Seo/sem specialist and social ads being found is always the best starting point. Both organically and for a fee. That’s why seo and sem experts. And social ads are and will be increasingly in demand. Content in an increasingly crowded digital world there will be an increasing need for content that is able to attract the interest of a user who is increasingly aware of what is being told to him.  In this field. Social media and copywriters being able to adapt content to different channels and devices. Knowing how to exploit the potential of different means.  Who will also have to develop photo and video editing skills.

Community manager Knowing how to listen and intercept all the

Comments and discussions but also creating them, around the brand and the products and services, creating a Indian Phone Number List community and managing it will be increasingly important. Green Marketing Fortunately, the theme of the environmental issue has entered with arrogance and urgency, even in companies and new digital professions will be increasingly in demand, and not only, specialized in green jobs. Energy Manager A key figure to promote and support companies in reducing energy consumption.

Green Influencers More and more communication and awareness

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Eco-sustainability will pass through social networks and green influencers who deal with topics dedicated to the Hong Kong lead  environmental issue on their profiles. Making their communities aware of these issues. Digital professions. Digital marketing digitization professional roles. Data and artificial intelligence great things are expected in the future from the . World of data and from that of artificial intelligence which is why we need to straighten our antennas and keep their evolution under control.

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