Wifi Arimasuka Since We Live in the Technolog

Whenever you immerse yourself in an unfamiliar culture, you are bound to make some mistakes. For example, if you bump into someone, forget to take off your shoes, or feel it appropriate to apologize, simply say “Sumimasen” which means sorry.

To move around the city Doko When asking where is something

the “something” comes first in the Database sentence. However, for  Example. If You Ask “where is Tokyo Station?”, You Would Say: However, Tokyo Eki Wa Doko Desu Ka? However. In This Sentence, Eki Means “Station” and Wa Doko Desu Ka Means “Where. Is It?” It Can Also Be Very Helpful to Know How to Ask. “where is the Bathroom?” is That Otearai. Wa Doko Desu Ka?

Even though you may not understand the answer they give you, chances are they will point you in the right direction to head in with any luck. However, Don’t Be Surprised if the Person You Asked Goes. With You to Make Sure You’re Headed in the Right Direction. However, Even if It Means Walking Several Blocks With You.

In every self-respecting vacation day, there must be souvenir shopping! However, For this reason, we consider it essential that you know how to ask “how much is it worth…? If you don’t know the name of the item you want to buy, hold or point your finger at it and say.

This question can be important especially if you are traveling on business


To request access to wi-fi in a store, restaurant, hotel, train Hong Kong lead station, or cafe, would you say Wi-fi arimasuka? However, If you need anything else, just replace the word Wi-fi with anything else , and you’re done. However, If you have Pocket Wi-Fi or a data SIM card , this question will be irrelevant.

“Do you speak English?”
To ask if someone speaks English, you would say Eigo wo hanashimasu ka? However, In this sentence, eigo is the word that refers to the “English” language. But really, like in any other country in the world, simply by asking in English, you will get the same answer.

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