7 Options to Streamline Workflows and Grow Your Agency

If you currently have. a YouTube Channel and share. videos on your services or success .stories, the number of subscribers. and video views will be beneficial. information to track.

You may want to set an engagement goal. Of achieving a specific number of views of a certain video within five days of posting.

Use the “Total Video Views” feature to determine whether you’re achieving that goal or not. Keep experimenting and modifying your video content until you find what resonates with viewers.


If your engagement rates are lower on the Facebook platform, consider setting a KPI goal and experiment with ways to reach it.

For the other social media platforms

Also, take the time to analyze. each social media platform and determine. which ones are providing. you with the highest. engagement levels.

You can then either improve your telephone list strategy on the lower-performing ones or discontinue using them altogether and focus on just one or two.

6. Customer Churn Rate

Customer Churn Rate is a calculation of the number of customers leaving your service or product over a set amount of time.

An easy way to calculate this yourself is to take the number of customers lost and divide it by the total number of your customers at the beginning of that specific timeframe.

If you find your customer

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Start by researching reasons customers may have left. Use what you find to address any issues you identify and also consider whether or not you can add additional value to your services or products to entice customers to stay.

7. Monthly Website Traffic

One of the most beneficial marketing agency Hong Kong Lead  KPIs to track that relate to your website and give you a clue as to your growth is Monthly Website Traffic.

Monthly Website Traffic provides the number of unique sessions or visits made to your website over the last month.

This amount is by your marketing campaigns, organic SEO, website user experience, and more.

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