Digital consumption and delivery currency

Web 2.5 marks the consumption of information, especially on social networks. As for Web 3.0, it concerns not only creation, but ownership of content. It doesn’t matter if it’s for monetization or commercialization of something. Thus, Web 3.0 is structured on three pillars: democratic and open environments; more privacy of user data; and personalized features through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Web 3.0 comes along with other technologies and possibilities. The first of these is the NFT, an acronym for “non-fungible token” or non-fungible token, an asset that serves as the digital identity of an item, which, in this case, is a unique asset. This can be multimedia, text or video.

A currency in digital transactions

In this way, several companies are already exploring this format. Whether in digital versions of their products or as something extra. Thus, in the case of the metaverse , also inserted in Web 3.0, it is a set of technologies that will change the way in which we relate to the internet, in an immersive way. The pandemic marks a before and France Mobile Number List after. Before, people were gradually adhering to online shopping, but after social isolation, this process intensified significantly. To adapt, companies had to reinvent themselves to meet the demands of a new reality. Digital marketing has become the main sales tool, as consumers have started to use the internet even for the most basic tasks and consumption, such as grocery shopping.

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New campaigns and actions to attract customers

This reality brought the need to develop new campaigns and actions to attract customers, such as investing in new forms of service, capturing data and information and maintaining communication with these customers on digital. Relationships were radically transformed, and this became part of consumer behavior and expectations. Delivery Hong Kong Lead stood out and emerged as a trend for the marketing and sales sector: an entire effort was directed towards highlighting this type of service. This whole context leads to new trends for Digital Marketing for 2023. Data analysis, chatbots, artificial intelligence, hyper automation and personalization are strategies and tools that will be in evidence next year.

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