Link Building Strategies For Blogs

If your idea is to integrate a blog or website through SEO actions, link building strategies are among the best ideas for this purpose. However, it is a strategy that requires care and knowledge in its use. Thus preventing the result from having the opposite effect. Therefore, it is this step-by-step that we are going to leave here so that you can be confident when inserting this strategy and succeed in building your brand’s authority through it. Follow our article and ask your questions if you still have questions after reading this. One of the main advantages of link building strategies is the gain of positioning on the SERP directly and indirectly. SERP directly and indirectly. In addition, it is possible to gain good backlinks from quality sites in the short term, which can result in immediate gains in SERP position.


Difference between link building and off page SEO

The Link building and SEO are often used as synonyms, however the concepts differ. Off-page SEO refers to all search engine optimization strategies applied outside of website pages. Link building, on the other hand, is about building a network of links that strengthens the authority of the pages. In addition, off-page SEO includes backlinks received from other sites, which are part of a link building strategy, however, it includes mentions to the brand without a link, which South Korea Phone Numbers List are also a ranking factor for Google. As such, link building is just one part of off-page SEO. Here you don’t just look outside. That’s because building a link network that shows Google your authority involves gaining external links and including links on your pages. Therefore, in a building strategy, you need to focus on both on-page and off-page SEO.

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How Google Measures Your Site’s Backlinks

The website’s backlinks are evaluated both quantitatively and qualitatively. That is, the first concerns the amount of links that a site has. In this case, the greater the variety of domains that refer to your website or page, the better. The second way is related to the quality of the links, and in this case there is a difference in the parameters. In Hong Kong Lead this case, three main criteria are considered to assess. The quality of a link: the context in which the link appears; the text that appears in the link and whether the link is do follow or not follow. For this, in addition to a website with great authority. This link must be well contextualized within the content where it is located. An attractive anchor text and be a follow. Action widely condemned by search engines.

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