How video is used in marketing actions

It is already a reality in companies to work with sales videos to increase conversions. In addition, the video can drive people directly to purchases. Due to its effects, marketing in this content format has become fundamental to the strategies of any brand. This is due to the fact that videos have gained prominence in recent times, especially for showing an increase in ROI. The use happens in different ways, being very common in ads on social networks. This, both in publications on the social profiles of companies and in stories.

Important video format data to keep an eye on

We’ve already said that video, to generate good results, cannot be produced just like that. Therefore, paying attention to the most used formats will ensure that you will not go wrong when taking advantage of this strategy. Among the most used video formats in digital marketing in Brazil are: video lessons, lives, short videos of up to 60 seconds (the famous rills of the tiktok platform and one of the features of Instagram) and short videos Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List of up to 15 seconds for stories (which go down in 24 hours).It is fundamental for your brand to produce quality videos, with important, frequent information, so that your company participates in the customer’s life. Therefore, having a YouTube channel is something to be taken into account.

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Why Optimize Videos for SEO

We can say that video is the fever of the moment. Research shows that 52% of marketers consider content type to be the best ROI. The verification of the success of video marketing comes from research. Data show that this is preferred by more than 50% of consumers who search the internet. Therefore, the need to consider Hong Kong Lead  the importance of SEO for videos is evident. Other than that, there is a range of benefits to show how much it is worth and among which are: engagement, virality and conversion. #Bonus: SEO for videos Below we provide a list of recommendations that are valid for any channel and that will help improve the positioning of your videos in YouTube search results.  Hence the importance of segmenting them.

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