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Among the most sold products on Black Friday are: smartphones, televisions, small appliances. Computer products, household appliances, clothing, books, games and toys. Important facts about Black Friday Black Friday is synonymous with real discount As soon as it was introduced in Brazil, Black Friday aroused many doubts in the consumer. Thus, it was common for internet users to use terms like “Black Fraud” mocking the date. However, this is a vision of the past, as Google’s Black Friday study made it clear that this image has already been transformed in Brazil. In this way, the finding that it really is a date of good discounts is based on an analysis. In which people’s opinion about the campaign was associated with hashtags.


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Therefore, among the respondents, 55% used positive terms such as #truthdiscount. So, in this analysis, only 8% cited the term #blackfraud and the other 37% used neutral expressions such as #blackfriday. An event that changes people’s behavior The growth and effects of the campaign have been perceived by retailers in different Netherlands Phone Numbers List ways. A Google study points out that sales in physical establishments. For example, grew 3.5 times on the Friday of offers compared to the other Fridays of the year. Thus, data from the Waze navigation application shows a 68% increase. In trips that had physical stores as their final destination on the Black Friday date.

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Therefore, they are categories with a greater flow of visits to department stores. Registering an increase of about 143%, furniture and decoration 106% and bookstores 88%. Black Friday goes far beyond a single day In Brazil, Black Friday usually takes place on the last Friday of November. The impact on sales goes beyond the Hong Kong Lead days established by the event. Many stores decide to lower their prices during the week – the so-called Black Week. As a positive performance of the practice has already been verified, the shopkeepers started to extrapolate the period of offers. As is the case of the Black Month or Black November. Even at a global level, sales increase by an average of 66% during the entire month of November surrounding the main date of the event, according to.

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