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Collecting and verifying information, whereby it is important that only verifiable information can be acceptd as audit evidence, and the latter should be recordd. It is therefore necessary, among other indicate the source of information and audit evidence, development of audit findings indication of non-compliance, in the case of a personal data protection audit, the findings are presentd in a report, preparation of conclusions from the audit review of findings.

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Preparation of recommendations; during the personal data protection audit, the findings are presentd in a report, a closing meeting to database present audit findings and conclusions. On the basis of the personal data protection audit, it may be a meeting consisting in presenting the most important theses of the report for the top management of the auditd organization. Preparation and distribution of the audit report. How to talk? Below are some tips on how an auditor can conduct audit interviews.


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Do not play the role of the bad cop – try to inspire the trust of employees inform / explain why the audit is being carrid out, what is your Hong Kong Lead role as an auditor take careful notes and, if necessary, clarify any doubts arrange meetings with people who have the greatest knowldge about individual processes taking place in the organization analyze the documentation! Don’t just rely on conversations with employees remember that the person you are interviewing may not know what phrases such as entrustment agreement or processor mean, therefore the form and manner of asking questions is very important.

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