The link between gamification and brand for a successful startup

The use of game design elements in contexts other than gaming”, typically reads the definition of gamification. What does it mean? It means extrapolating playful elements and transporting them to different contexts, such as educational ones or knowledge of a brand or service. The marriage between gamification and marketing has been talked about for years now, but there are few companies and experts in the sector, not to mention how many apply it effectively. To better understand gamification strategies, we met Francesca Papa , Head of Marketing at Djungle and industry professional. Djungle develops apps that improve and stimulate interaction with users, extending the shopping experience even outside the store. How did the idea come about? “From the need and desire to give customers an original, engaging, but also valuable digital experience, which goes beyond a relationship based exclusively on purchase.

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Reach the recipient with engaging and quality experiences, with the ability to create a community. Djungle aims to involve users, offering El Salvador Mobile Number List them the opportunity to be an active part in interacting with the brand. Communication is two-way – the brand communicates with the customer, but the customer decides how and when to interact with the brand . A type of continuous interaction that grows over time. Not the usual on/off of traditional marketing which often takes place through different platforms (social media, email, store). The first project from which it all started is Flying Tiger , still our partner today, to then reach communities even outside the retail sector”. In your opinion, what is the added value that gamification brings to marketing strategies? “Gamification is part of an ongoing cultural revolution, aimed at creating new relationships based on frequent interactions and active involvement.


The added value that gamification brings in the design phase, for us, is the stimulus to

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Think outside the box and put the future user of the service at the center of attention. In djungle we use octalysis as a reference model .A framework Hong Kong lead  developed. By yu-kai chou and aimed at analyzing motivational drivers which. Through an interactive experience. Influence an individual with respect to their behaviour. These drivers include elements. Related to influence and social relationships. Curiosity, the desire to escape and the need to express creativity, to overcome challenges.To own something. Technology and the creative process based .On techniques such as gamification will lead digital. Companies to be able to reach a very high level of personalization. Of the relationship with customers. Djungle has been pursuing this challenge for some time. «Good design is good business», said the most famous chairman of IBM, Thomas J. Watson .

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