The user is thus led to discover the realities of a given area

which was followed by many similar local and national reviews. But today it is even more important that each winery can offer a personalized experience to the passing tourist. Also in this case, there are several proposals that Italian wineries offer. Visits to the cellar, guided tours, tastings, dinners, concerts, private events, weddings and much more. To let people know that all this is possible, the website is a strategic channel, especially if integrated with an ad hoc booking engine service. It is a software that is installed and integrated .

With your site and allows you to make a reservation for a given service

Directly from the homepage. The tool is mainly used by accommodation facilities and by those involved in hospitality. But there are various Hungary Mobile Number List proposals, such as Wine Around , designed specifically for wineries. A management platform , often customizable, has the advantage of being able to collect reservations (data and payments included) in the same digital space and, on the company side, of proposing a diversified offer, suitable for all needs. An alternative, however, is to join one of the online booking platforms developed precisely to aggregate.

Wineries in various parts of Italy. Unity is strength (and notoriety) Let’s see, then

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What they are and how they work. How booking platforms work There are four main food and wine booking platforms currently active Hong Kong lead  in Italy. , Divinea , GottoWineTour and Vitinera . Operation is almost the same: from the homepage the user can access a list of partner wineries, divided by region, select the one he prefers and view the experiences he offers, the costs and available dates. In each case, each cellar is accompanied by a presentation card.    I t becomes easy to compare different experiences. Opportunities that, browsing site by site, would not be possible.

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