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They prefer what is known and therefore will invest in brands they trust. Companies in the Ordinary person archetype are proud of their own down-to-earth ethos. They give people a sense of belonging with a high degree of practicality and functionality, and the brand image is as honest, trustworthy and solid as any Volkswagen model. Kochanek (the Lover) – this is the name we use for brands that focus on creating relationships and evoking emotions. The Kochanek brand archetypes want people to feel special. And they satisfy their customers’ nees.

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They see the world through the lens of love. Lovers brands like to celebrate the physical joy of being human, nurturing intimacy and a sense of bliss for their consumers, who are people who value the aesthetic appearance of goods phone number list and services. They are usually attracte to premium brands. Those that promise passion, such as Victoria’s Secret, a brand that promotes itself as glamorous with an emphasis on sensual pleasures. What is Lover like as a brand? It is passionate and represents everything that pleases the senses – such as beautiful things, delicious dishes, tempting smells. Brand archetypes in the area of ​​CHAMPIONSHIP The Hero, Rebel, and Wizard brand archetypes fall into this category.

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What they have in common is the pursuit of mastery, accompanie by risk. The Hero – his main motivation is to prove his worth, and his greatest fear is failure and showing weakness. Whether on the battlefield, the football field or the Hong Kong Lead political scene, the Hero is determine to leave his mark on the world. Hero-type brand archetypes promote themselves as good quality and better than their competitors. As a result, the marketing of Hero brands often uses strong imagery and strong colors to convey this. The hero represents the archetypes of the brand that strive to achieve goals by giving their best.

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