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CSR activities – definition CSR activities – quotes How can the CSR strategy be implemente within the company? How to effectively conduct CSR activities? CSR activities – benefits CSR examples of companies CSR what is it? CSR areas CSR what is it? How has the pandemic affecte CSR activities? CSR what is it? CSR activities – definition CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is in other words corporate social responsibility – both for decisions and actions that have an impact on society and the environment. This term refers to the company’s policy and the conduct of it in accordance with ethical principles. It means a well-thought-out strategy of involvement in the development of the aforementione society and environment – both local and global, as well as in supporting the company’s employees.

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Even though running a socially responsible business is not necessary, it brings a lot of benefits both for the company and the environment. It is also worth remembering that CSR activities should be consistent with the company’s communication database strategy , well planne and long-term. It is impossible to list specific CSR activities. There are as many activities that companies can take as there are various organizations. You can only use suggestions that are on the Internet or in scientific positions. In addition, CSR activities are evolving, just like the world that surrounds us.


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Just look at the current situation and the coronavirus pandemic, which has revolutionize CSR activities in the world. Ratajczak, Wołoszyn and Stawicka in “The concept of CSR in terms of employees on the example of agribusiness enterprises from Hong Kong Lead the Mazowieckie Voivodship” highlighte human resource management as one of the examples of socially responsible activities. As part of these activities, the following can be liste: ” striving to maintain existing jobs and creating new ones, creating opportunities for promotion and development of employees, supporte by an appropriate motivation system, activating employees, conducive to achieving their individual goals, supporting cooperation, commitment, teamwork and employee participation.

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