Advertising on which format to choose

Tiktok ads has released a tool that allows you to manage advertising. Segment the target, set goals and measure campaign results. Tiktok numbers: growing users. And revenues in the first quarter of 2020 alone.The app was .Downloaded 315 million times. Boosting the total downloads to over a staggering 2 billion . Tiktok is still preferred by the very. Young between the ages of 16 and 24, who cover 41% of users, but surprisingly, even the over 25s are starting to appear on the platform. Thus making the adult audience. Grow by 5.5 percentage points. Compared to the ‘last year. Tiktok everywhere. India. China and the united. States are once again the countries. With the highest number of downloads. If these data alone weren’t enough to. Make us understand the extent of the “Tiktokiana” flood, the over 50 million .Dollars in advertising revenue. In the month of february alone could be a valid reason to let yourself be overwhelmed .By this hilarious river of video.

The most downloaded apps in the world, according to Sensor Tower – January 2020

The types of advertisements on TikTok Being a still very young social network, the content marketing opportunities to increase reach with organic Jamaica Mobile Number List  activities are high. That’s why opening your own profile on TikTok and aiming to create quality content are certainly the first step to take. As with all other social networks, even on TikTok you can rely on influencers to reach a wider audience.


Let’s see in detail the types of paid advertising that TikTok makes available to brands

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To promote products and services: in-feed native video consists of sponsored .Videos that appear in the user’s feed, in the “For you” section, just like Hong Kong lead  on instagram. With the difference that on tiktok, the news feed is nothing. More than an automatic. Video playback. Without solution of continuity. Distinguishing sponsored content during playback .Would be impossible were it not for a tag. Is sponsored. Brand takeover allows you to sponsor a full screen video.

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