Bullet journal, what it is and how it works

Beautiful, personalized and effective: the bullet journal method revolutionizes the organization of those who have adopted it. Don’t you know what we’re talking about? At first glance it may seem like a simple agenda , but richer and capable of condensing commitments and objectives into a single object.

Each page, in fact, can reflect the personality of whoever created the Bullet Journal. It is in this way that it becomes useful and, according to those who are now devoted to this method, revolutionary.

The bullet journal is a flexible and customizable method of organizing work time and life time .


Conceived by Ryder Carroll , digital product designer from New York, it consists of an agenda with blank pages (or even better dotted pages) on which you can organize and trace everything that is important to remember.

The “bullets”, in fact, are the points of the lists of things to do or to see that are the skeleton of the bullet journal. In a single notebook, it is possible to dedicate the necessary space to everything: work appointments, bills, dinners with friends, bill deadlines, gym classes and so on.

In fact, this method aims to synthesize actions, events and notes in a tool that is potentially always at hand.

The bullet journal, basically

It was Ryder Carroll himself who recorded a video in which he explains how to make a bullet journal starting from a blank notebook. What you South Africa Mobile Number List  need is paper, a neutral pen or pencil to set up the pages, a ruler, stickers and colors of your choice.

It is important not to forget to leave some blank pages at the beginning in order to compose a flexible index . During the year, in fact, it may happen that one month is more intense than another and therefore requires more space.

Always on the first pages of the bullet journal it is useful to note a legend . For example, you can choose to use blue to indicate cultural commitments, or a small square to mark the commitments to be completed. Having a legend handy is useful for quick orientation.

The fundamental element is that of customization : the bullet journal method is designed to provide everyone with a tool that can be completely adapted to those who use it both from a functional and an aesthetic point of view.

In fact, the bullet journal can become a rich, decorated and colorful notebook, or it can be minimal. There is no “right” version, the best one is the one that works .

come fare il bullet journal

Why is this method popular?

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Just the great customization and flexibility are the secrets of the success of the bullet journal. Suffice it to say that the dedicated Italian Facebook group has over 11,000 active members who exchange hints and ideas on a daily basis to refine the technique.

Despite the initial expenditure of time , it then becomes a much more functional tool than a classic agenda because each activity, event or note has exactly the space we decide to give it .

Therefore, people like it for its flexibility, customization and ability to contain everything needed to efficiently organize days, weeks Hong Kong lead  and months. And it does so in a way that reflects the personality of those who use it and helps them plan and keep track of what is happening without forgetting anything and without having to stick to someone else’s lines.

An ally for those who work in communication
The bullet journal is also a valuable tool for those involved in communication. The ability to switch, for example, from a monthly to a bimonthly calendar by adding a few dedicated pages to a weekly one and then to others for goals is perfect for organizing editorial plans , for example.


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