“Content is the king” never gets old

Who would guess the date on which Bill Gates uttered the phrase, which later became famous, “Content is the king” ? It was 1996 when the founder of Microsoft gave this pearl which still today, more than 20 years later, remains a fundamental pillar of marketing.

Well yes. Although talking only about content is not enough for the communication of a brand or even an influencer to be effective, even for 2020 it remains the element not to be underestimated in order to grow one’s business.

Content is (still) the king

What does it mean that content is still king (of communication)? The statement, translated from the original context and lowered into  Singapore Mobile Number List  the world of online marketing, underlines how the heart of communication must be the content . The packaging, the virality, the visuals are fine , but if the message of a campaign or an activity is weak, it will be much more difficult to obtain significant results.

Anyone is potentially a content creator , which is why many have questioned this statement. For example, it is underlined how important it is to combine good content with a structured strategy, an in-depth study of the context and the reference target and all the elements that every marketer handles every day.

A matter of quality of the content

All of this is true and does not conflict with the idea that content is the pivot of communication .

The quality of a content therefore depends on a human factor . In other words, it is you who crowns the content as king of your communication by adopting a solid strategy and applying the right mix of creativity and technique to the creation of texts, visuals, videos and all the rest.

5 themed trends for 2020

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An effective content strategy, therefore, must contain:

User generated content , considered Hong Kong lead  in many areas as tourism more effective than directly produced by a brand;
Videos that continue to “pierce the screen” and condition users’ consumption choices;

Content and reports designed to respond to the use of messaging apps . It’s not news that Facebook is investing in this direction, it’s good to be prepared!
Filters . Legacy of Snapchat, now widespread in all major apps, why not think about developing customized and branded filters to grow.

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