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Within a few weeks, Stevenage FC became the most used team for career mode in FIFA 20. Over 25,000 videos of goals scored by Stevenage players quickly flooded social networks, generating an earned media value of 2 .5 million dollars . Virtual is real! But the brilliant part of this operation is that it was not the unknown players of the real . Stevenage who scored these goals, but Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Mbappè and many other champions. Covering all project development phases. Over the years we have consolidated a team of 18 people, who have known each other for years and who stand out for their seniority, the wealth of experience and the unique mix of skills and expertise.

Basically Burger King has managed, spending practically zero to make all the best

Footballers in the world wear their logo! From left: Kylian Mbappè, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar, all wearing Stevenage FC Finland Mobile Number List shirts It wasn’t just fast food that won. Stevenage FC has achieved unprecedented fame , becoming, as mentioned, the most used club in FIFA 20 in career mode. A truly unthinkable image return for a fourth division team.  For the first time in the club’s history, the match shirts were sold out!There are real phases that the brand goes through in the journey with djungle.

Of discovery, testing and feedback from the ultimate customer, up to the creation

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Tthe final product. The process of idea creation is the real heart of the matter. Micro teams of two or three people work to validate the Hong Kong lead  hypotheses in the market and obtain information. And feedback from users. The more validations we are able to carry out.The more the probability of designing the best service for our customers increases”.  To just one new customer a year and make available. To the brand all the knowledge. Skills and expertise it needs. To activate a disruptive process of innovation. Djungle is responsible for the end-to-end digital. Experience – from concept to end-user engagement.

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