How to Sell More on Black Friday 2022

This is a scenario that requires a good positioning of companies when turning to the online market, if you want to continue with a good flow of sales on Black Friday 2022. Thus, Black Friday is considered one of the most important dates for retail sales and, therefore. The most representative for online commerce in Brazil. Therefore, there are doubts about the campaign, its expectations and the way in which this date is conducted so that one of the biggest promotions of the year is taken advantage of. When is Black Friday 2022 How Black Friday started in Brazil Product categories that sell the most in this period Continue reading and we will address the main points of Black Friday.


How to Optimize Email Marketing in Digital Strategies

Because, in this article, we will provide useful information, such as addressing previous campaigns, trends for 2022, best-selling product categories, among others. How to Optimize Email Marketing in Digital Strategies SEO Tips for eCommerce started in Brazil. There are many versions about the emergence of this Malaysia Phone Number List date. Black Friday refers to crises in the US stock market. Thus, for years the campaign was used to refer to different events. However, in September 1869, James Fisk and Jay Gould. Stock exchange speculators, tried to appropriate the gold market on the New York Stock Exchange. At which time the US government had to interfere with corrections in the distortion, which caused the increase in the supply of gold in the market.

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How Black Friday started in Brazil

As a consequence, the values ​​plummeted, and several investors began to lose a huge amount of money. The first edition of Black Friday in Brazil took place in 2010. After that, it took on different proportions. So, the idea was embraced by the consumer and today it is seen as an excellent business opportunity. Black Friday 2022 will take place on November 25th.  Black Friday Hong Kong Lead summary of previous years Black Friday 2020 In the year 2020, between November 26th and 30th, sales totaled BRL 6 billion. Thus, e-commerce recorded the highest growth in six years. The period comprising the five days of the Black Friday promotions. Thus, reaching a turnover of around R$ 6 billion, an increase of 26.4%, the highest percentage increase since 2014. When from Thursday to Monday, the performance was 56% higher than the previous year.

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