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During this phase 2? “We always focus on social media and online channels, but this time the themes are to restart and restart safely “. The next goals? “Covid-19 has certainly changed plans by changing priorities, speeding up many projects and slowing down others.  our strategy and with our offer, without changing our nature and our core. The goal we have set ourselves is to make the service increasingly usable and to spread our idea of ​​food delivery”. We thank Mario Villani and we wish Nutri Bees good luck in its future projects! Personal, corporate or creator.

How to choose the Instagram profile It’s been almost a year since Instagram

Added the ability to register with a creator account. A novelty that, at the beginning, divided the users; over time, however, its peculiarities have Oman Mobile Number List become (a little) clearer. There are therefore three types of Instagram profiles that we have available: personal, business and creator. Are you sure you know all the differences and, above all, that you have chosen the option that best suits your goals? We are talking about this very topic today, addressing both those who are taking their first steps in this social network and those who have been using it for some time to promote themselves, but still have some doubts.

Step One Define your goal As always, when we talk about communication


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Online and offline, it’s important to remember that if the dress doesn’t make the monk, a presence on a social network isn’t synonymous with Hong Kong lead  success. Before making any choice in this area, in fact, it is primary to outline one’s own promotion strategy and, above all, to set one’s purpose. Are you a craftsman or a craftswoman and do you want to use the web to show your handmade bijoux, but also photos of your dog and your garden.  Are you a small book influencer who uses social media to dialogue.

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