I was born and raised in Bari, overlooking the

The nutri bees start-up . We asked one of the two founders , mario villani . To tell us something about this reality and how he experienced the quarantine period. Tell us about yourself and your journey before launching yourself into the world of food delivery. “ sea. At the age of 18 I moved to milan and replaced the sea with the canal .With fluctuating results. I graduated in finance and control at. Bocconi university. But I’ve always been fascinated. By the .World of e-commerce and asia. So, as soon as an opportunity presented itself in that area, I jumped at it. In one week, I moved from. Milan to jakarta and started working in the marketing of zalora, the asian version of zalando.

It was  without a doubt, the most formative experience of my career

It involved structuring and managing a start-up of significant size – which today is worth hundreds of millions of euros – going through almost  Nigeria Mobile Number List all departments. From marketing in Jakarta I progressed to operations manager in Singapore, managing a team of more than 100 people. In short, a role of considerable responsibility, which allowed me to learn a lot”. How did the idea of ​​NutriBees come about and how does it work? “I met the other partner of NutriBees, Giovanni Menozzi , during my university days. Since then, united by our passion for the world of startups, we have always kept in touch by exchanging ideas.

One day a particular business model struck us with its feasibility and our startup was born

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Nutri Bees is the first Italian platform that combines nutritionist, chef and delivery in a single e-commerce. Through a preliminary Hong Kong lead  nutritional test, the user is guided in selecting the dishes that best suit his needs. After that, the dishes are prepared and delivered directly to your home in comfortable trays that are kept in the refrigerator, to be heated up when needed. Thanks to refrigerated packaging, we are able to deliver throughout Italy”. What is your vision? “Most of us run too much and end up failing to properly take care of one of the most important things: nutrition .

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