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“In this phase – Federica Alessandri points out – the social pages are no longer a means of promoting tourism, but become the only channel for maintaining the interest of customers, placing themselves at their level, allowing interaction and involvement ” .  Change the lexicon which, from now on, creates intimacy.

Everyone has more free time and can write

Post photographs, share moods. Lake Como How  tourist communication. Lake Como travel. North Lake Como su Facebook Social media as squares But that is not all. albeit virtual, from Canada Mobile Number List everyday life”. It exists because we exist. Freelancers and digital creatives: the advice  of the startup The number of digital freelancers has grown exponentially in recent years, despite the health emergency. In fact, in 2020 alone , freelancers expert in digital content increased by 72% , between those who have opened a VAT number and those who have declined their profession in the digital field . It is in this context that fits in , the platform dedicated to freelance services for companies and freelance professionals . Given the attention that this startup reserves for self-employed workers, we decided to interview them founders : Andrea co-founder and CEO, Angelica Peretti , co-founder and Head of Marketing

Since face-to-face events are not allowed –

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Neither during lockdown, nor in the period immediately following it – the Upper Lake does not give up on Hong Kong lead  celebrating its anniversaries and adapts the concepts of some events to the online format. Through the Facebook platform. The image of an all-pink poster is all over the place.  There are many positive feedbacks and participations. tourist communication. Lake Como How . Exhibition of Camellias travel XLIII Exhibition of Camellias on Facebook Tourism communication. what we have learned . “The Covid-19 era – summarizes Federica Alessandri – has allowed us to renew the communication of the territory .

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